Re-Imagining Sexual and Reproductive Health Education Through Online Videos

YouTube has over a billion users. Half of YouTube subscribers would drop whatever they were doing to watch a new video from their favorite channel. 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week. But that’s global. How about the Rwandan market?

In recent years, Youtube videos consumers grew on the level that nobody expected. The Rwandan community witnessed respected journalists, content creators as well as artists, moving from traditional media to YouTube. Big media houses rushed to create their own channels to attract the attention of the young.

On another hand, sexual and reproductive health-related challenges remain to be a critical problem for the nation. Every year, thousands of girls drop out of school due to unwanted pregnancies. The country’s fertility rate remains to be as high as 4.2 children per woman despite the fact that Rwanda is among the densely populated nations. Unsafe abortion and related complications continue to seriously hit young people preventing their potentials to be attained.

The question remains. How can we use innovation and new technologies in solving the above-mentioned challenges? To be more specific, how can we harness the rapid growth of online videos in sexual and reproductive health education? Tantine Group tried.

Overview of the initiative

Comprehensive sexuality education is undoubtedly a strategic solution to solving challenges in SRH. But teachers and parents still struggle to initiate such a sensitive topic. This is mainly due to cultural and religious beliefs. Most often, teachers and parents don’t even have enough knowledge about sexual and reproductive health.

Since the beginning of 2018, Tantine Team started developing whiteboard animations videos on various topics related to sexual and reproductive health. The videos were uploaded on YouTube and the links shared on our various social media channels mainly Facebook.

Since 2018, Tantine’s YouTube Channels become another source of trusted information. We grow the channel and received on various occasions much positive feedback. Up to now, our Channel has over 7,000 Subscribers. The videos on the channel have been watched by approximately 350,000 people mostly from Rwanda. Overall, people spent 1,000,000 minutes watching videos related to sexual and reproductive, a topic that is otherwise considered to be boring.

Our audience mainly comes from Rwanda by 66%, followed by Burundi with 8%. Most viewers are male by 60%. People aged between 24 to 34 make 56% of our viewers followed by people between 18 to 24 years old with 30%.

The Future of the Initiative

Since September 2019, Tantine partnered with Rwanda Red Cross under the support of the Belgium Government to scale up the initiative. We have worked on 50 more interactive videos and their links will be embedded in Tantine Mobile Application. Among the 50 videos, we have included videos on diseases, puberty, menstruation and family planning.

The content of the videos was developed by medical doctors and nurses with extensive experience in SRH education among youth. While making it fun, simple to understand and interactive, the team worked tirelessly to produce videos that really teach something tangible.

The videos were developed using a technique called “WhiteBoard” Animation. It is yet another kind of animation that mimics the way teachers write on a whiteboard. These animations are mixed with footages of the educator often introducing and concluding at the beginning and the end of the video respectively.

The whiteboard animation technique had proved to increase understanding of the topic. The technique also made video fun and interactive, a crucial component in delivering education to young people.

Here is the Link to Our YouTube Channel: Tantine Channel. As all YouTubers say, remember to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and SHARE.


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